Located in Central MA

Agro-Eco Project

We are very proud to introduce you to our non-profit The Agro Eco-Project! This organization is committed to alleviating food insecurity in Worcester County through the growing of pesticide free fruit and produce on a regenerative 2 acre farm in Central MA.

The Agro-Eco Project is a small not for profit farm located in Central Massachusetts with three main goals:

  • Growing clean and nutritious produce for food pantries in Worcester County
  • Sharing resources and best practices related to agroecology and regenerative farming
  • Exploring the links between growing and preparing nutritious food

We are a working farm practicing no-till agriculture and are inspired by the principles of permaculture. As our name suggests, our guiding practice is that of agroecology: we farm our acres in alignment with the rules of nature, informed by a study of our ecology rooted in hard science.

We believe that healthy soils produce healthy foods, healthy foods nurture healthy humans, and healthy humans create healthy communities.

We also believe that nutritious food should taste good! We strive to explore the link between growing nutritious produce and cooking delicious food. Food is medicine. But food is also pleasure, culture, tradition and community.